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About Tempeh

Tempeh is a functional food made from soybeans. It is a complete dish by its high content in nutritional values. Though Tempeh is considered as a cousin of tofu, it has its own flavorful personality and taste.
Tempehine is a registered trademark that offers organic, marinated, pre-cooked and portioned Tempeh. The Tempehine products are made in Montreal with high quality local ingredients. Tempehine is available in several flavors and formats that will satisfy any food skeptics.

Tempehine is a source of taste and pleasure!

Good tasting!

Les Aliments Merjex Inc.


Tempehine produit du tempeh, nature, mariné et précuit certifié bio et local. Tempehine est: Source de goût et plaisir!!! Demandez-le à votre épicier

Our Products

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Caribbean Flavor:

With its marinated, pre-cooked Caribbean-flavored tempeh, Tempehine offers you to dive into the ocean of the Caribbean flavors while staying in the comfort of your home. Each bite reserves an idyllic tropical experience.

EatingTempehine is an authentic Caribbean excursion!

Spring Pleasures

Tempehine invites you to “PlaisirsPrintaniers” through the savoring of its delicious marinated and pre-cooked tempeh. You are offered all the flavors of spring in one bite. What could be better than living in spring all year long!

Ask for “Plaisir Printanier” from your grocery stores, restaurants and anywhere!

Food Service

The demand for Tempeh is increasing daily. More and more consumers are including it in their diet. Canada’s Food Guide, the fight against climate change, and veganism are, among others, the driving factors of this unthinkable rise in the demand for this product. The passion for Tempeh is also explained by its extraordinary nutritious values.  Each 100g of Tempeh contains 20g of protein and 6g of fiber. This is unbeatable.

Tempehine is a response to the high demand of Tempeh coupled with the passion of its producers to simplify the life of Tempeh consumers. Tempehine offers and delivers marinated, precooked and portioned Tempeh right to your kitchen. Yes, this is unbeatable.

You are a retailer and you want to sell taste and pleasure; sell Tempehine! Your orders will be delivered in bulk in vacuum packaging or according to your preferences.

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Tempehine est disponible en ligne dès aujourd’hui pour achat sur ce lien: https://signaturecousmos.ca/collections/les-aliments-merjex, nous serons bientôt sur le site de maturin.ca aussi.  Je vous invite à partager l’information avec tous vos contacts.  Tempehine est source de goût et plaisir.