Cuisiner le Tempeh


5 ways to cook tempeh

Easy to cook and versatile, tempeh is a food that can be incorporated into almost any dish. It can be a substitute for meat or cooked as the main food. Discover 5 tempting ways to incorporate tempeh into your daily menu.

1- In a salad

Whether in small or large pieces, tempeh has a dense, tender texture that is perfect for salads and can even replace the croutons that are commonly used. And for a crispier texture, you can fry the tempeh pieces or put them in the oven for a few minutes.

2- As a sauce

Everyone already knows how easy it is to replace our animal proteins with plant proteins, but is it possible with tempeh? With its rich taste and silky texture, it is easy to season with the spices of your choice and eat it as a side dish with your main courses.

3- In your aperitifs

Whether on skewers, in blocks or with raw vegetables, the already marinated tempeh is an excellent appetizer. It can be accompanied by the raw vegetables of your choice. Our favourite tempeh when creating appetizers is Montreal Spice Cube Tempeh. For more recipes, click here.

4- In a hamburger

Who doesn’t like hamburgers? This classic American food is easy to prepare, and on top of that, it’s a meal that most people find delicious. Tempeh is ideal for burgers and can be used in all your most delicious burger recipes. Want to save time when you’re cooking? You can count on us. Our TempBurgers, pre-marinated and pre-cooked tempeh patties, need only 4 minutes in the oven, on the pan or on the grill to be completely ready.

5- Ground tempeh

Ground tempeh is a perfect substitute for ground meat in classic recipes such as spaghetti sauce or shepherd’s pie. It can also be incorporated in Tex-Mex dishes such as tostadas, fajitas or tacos. In short, ground tempeh is a must!

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