Tempehine's products

Tempehine offers organic, marinated, pre-cooked and pre-proportioned tempeh.

Tempeh Cube

Running out of time? No problem. Our pre-cooked marinated tempeh cubes are ready in minutes. They are available in three flavors: Spring Pleasure, with fresh herbs and spices, or with spices from the sunny Caribbean islands and now with Montreal Spices. 


Go for a burger that’s different but so tasty! Our tempeh burger patties are marinated and pre-cooked, just like the cubes. They are available in Smoked Caribbean version, or with spices from the sunny Caribbean islands, and now with Montreal Spices. Add the condiments and other ingredients of a classic burger and enjoy! 25g of protein per patty.

Ground Tempeh

One again, we are innovating with our new tempeh product line: pre-cooked and marinated ground tempeh. It comes in three different flavors: original flavor, Italian style and Tex-Mex style. It is still made from the simplest and healthiest Quebec ingredients. With our ground tempeh, you can perfectly recreate any recipe that calls for classic ground meat.

Natural Tempeh

Prepare your meals, season and customize your homemade recipes with our natural tempeh. The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and create great meals! Get inspired by our recipes.