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From Quebec soybean farms to your plate.

Driven by the desire to offer healthy, nutritious products requiring little preparation, Tempehine now offers us an excellent alternative to animal proteins. Our young brand is already finding its place both in specialized grocery stores and in large supermarket networks. Discovering Quebec Tempehine means adopting it. You’ll see!

What is Tempeh ?

Tempeh is a subtle, healthy and functional food. Prepared from fermented soybeans, it is a complete meal, especially because of its high content of various nutritional values. For example, 100 grams of tempeh contains 20 grams of protein and six grams of fibre. Not forgetting that it is also very rich in vitamin B12.

To produce tempeh, soybeans must go through a fermentation process. To produce tempeh, soybeans must go through a fermentation process, in which the seeds are combined with mushrooms called Rhizopus. This is left to ferment for several hours until it forms a compact block. In the end, these foods are easier to digest and their nutritional values are increased.

Our Company

Tempehine is a young Montreal-based company whose mission was born out of the need for the son of the owners of the company to change his diet. Indeed, around the fall of 2018, the son of Mr. Sonel Merjuste and Mrs. Jasmine Exael wanted to completely stop eating meat. His parents tried to find him other sources of protein, but they did not like the alternative options.

“A friend who produces his own line of kombucha – and who knows the food industry well – invited me to learn about the virtues and potential of tempeh,” says the man who now presides over Aliments Merjex, the company behind Tempehine. The Merjuste-Exael couple therefore decided to start producing tempeh. Jasmine, a cooking enthusiast, quickly distinguished herself by creating, in the family kitchen, the two flavors that now delight consumers. And this is only the beginning!

Our Products

Tempehine offers organic, marinated, pre-cooked and pre-proportioned tempeh.
It is handcrafted in Montreal from top quality Quebec ingredients.
Our products are available in several flavors and different formats that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Tempehine is a source of taste and pleasure! Enjoy your meal!


Plain Tempeh

Prepare your meals, season and personalize your homemade recipes with our natural tempeh. The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and create beautiful meals! Get inspired by our recipes.


Marinated Tempeh Cubes (3 flavors)

Running out of time? No problem. Our marinated and pre-cooked tempeh cubes are ready in minutes. They are available in three flavors: Plaisirs Printaniers”, with herbs and spices filled with freshness, Caribéenne with spices from the sunny Caribbean islands  ans most recently, Montréal Spices.


The TempBurger (2 flavors)

Opt for a different burger but so tasty!  Our tempeh burger patties are marinated and pre-baked, just like the cubes. Available in a “Smoked Caribbean” version with spices from the sunny Caribbean islands as well as in the “Montreal Spices” version. Add the condiments and other ingredients of a classic burger and enjoy!  25g of protein per burger.

Nos Produits


Saveur Nature

Le tempeh est un aliment unique fait à partir des fèves de soya.  C’est un met complet par sa haute teneur en valeurs nutritives.  Le tempeh se présente généralement comme le cousin du tofu avec une personnalité et un goût unique.

Le tempeh gagne en popularité.  De plus en plus de consommateurs le recherche et veulent l’inclure dans leur alimentation.  Depuis quelque temps, le guide alimentaire canadien, la lutte aux changements climatiques et le végétalisme tirent la demande pour le tempeh vers de nouveaux sommets.  L’engouement autour du Tempeh s’explique par ses propriétés nutritives qui sont à tout point extraordinaires : 20g de protéines et 6g de fibres dans 100g de tempeh.  Qui dit mieux?

Saveur Plaisir Printanier

Tempehine vous convie aux plaisirs printaniers en savourant son délicieux tempeh mariné et précuit de tout ce que le printemps peut offrir de meilleur.  Quoi de mieux que de vivre le printemps à l’année longue.

Demandez la saveur plaisir printanier à votre épicier, au restaurant et partout!


Saveur Caribéenne

Tempehine vous propose de plonger à fond dans les caraïbes tout en restant chez vous avec son tempeh mariné et précuit de saveur caribéenne. Chaque bouchée vous procurera une sensation idyllique des antilles tropicales.

Mangez Tempehine c’est vivre dans les caraïbes à volonté!

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Tempeh is gaining in popularity.  More and more consumers are looking for it and want to include it in their healthy diet.  Canada’s food guide, the fight against climate change and veganism are pushing the demand for tempeh to levels unthinkable some time ago.  The enthusiasm for Tempeh is explained by its nutritional properties which are extraordinary: such as: 20g of protein and 6g of fiber for 100g of tempeh.  Who says better?

In addition, Tempehine offers you a tempeh product that will simplify your life all along the line.  Think of the constraints in labor and time and imagine your tempeh order delivered to your kitchen, already marinated, pre-cooked and portioned.  What could be better?

You want to sell taste and pleasure, sell Tempehine!

Your orders will be delivered in bulk in vacuum packaging or according to your preferences in cube (7 – 10g), triangle (15-25g), pavé (100g) in 500g-1kg formats.

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